Thursday, 25 September 2014

Butte, in the rearview mirror

We rolled into Butte, Montana..the last day of our three weeks together. Ann and Ron will head for home base in Washington and ||Sharon will be flying home tomorrow (Thursday) morning. Maya and I will take some backroads to Washington...via...??? We'll stop in Seattle for a day or so then head'r for BC. man..almost every boy in this world wanted a Willy's jeep.... 

Saw this at the Museum of Mining in Butte.

Check out this shows all of the mines UNDER Butte.....Berkley Pit is the big pit mine in Butte.

Ron spent many boyhood summers in Butte

These mineral rocks on display in the Museum of Minerals give off some pretty cool colours when in a dark room and a Black Light turned on. is likely a very hard town to live in but holy doodle, the downtown core is just loaded with old heritage buildings, many of which haven`t been touch since being built. It`s a great city to just wander around in.

Mineheads fill the skyline of Butte..literally everywhere.,_Anaconda_and_Pacific_Railway

Somehow, Sharon and Anne got hold of a piece of magazine that named a bunch of rock shops in the area. The town of Philipsburg rates went there.

On the other hand...Maya and I went to a local brew house. We think we made a wise choice.

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