Thursday, 7 August 2014

Home renos are not for the weak

This home renovation has gone and on and on and...on. It still goes...on.

The bathroom tiles were slipping right off the wall. Get that repaired..then the grout colouring was way off. Different dye lots or just not mixed quite right. Get that sort of fixed. Tile in the utility room are all fucked. The grout is cracking apart, so we tried a different grout on one level but that fell apart immediately. Now we are going to lay down plywood sheet, right over the tiles, glue and drill it down and lay vinyl planking over that. The only other option is to lift all the tiles and then set to work trying to remove all of the mastic and other cement like products used in the prep and tile setting process, to get the plywood under the tiles all cleaned off. We have no problems with clearance, so...just more plywood and call it done.

So...let me step back about three weeks in time.....there was a spool of wire left over from the heated floors install.  120 feet of Nu Heat wire that had to be laid. You cannot just trim it MUST be laid. It is a resistance gets hot when energized...I was in touch with the manufaturer because the floor guy was being so evasive about what he was going to do with excess. Nu Heat was really really HAS to be used, cannot be trimmed.


Just this past weekend, the week we were in Vancouver for the Santana concert, which was great, thanks for asking, Doug was to have ripped up the required sq ft of flooring, laid the wire and replaced the floor. didn't get finished because we had a wiring issue to be resolved. That took till Tuesday morning and then it goes on. And yesterday we find that the guy neglected to place the heat sensor. On the bright side...he was able to wriggle into place because he is just now finishing the re-install of the flooring he had had to replace because of the 120 feet of wire.....

Today we might get the shower doors installed tho....maybe. And the new fireplace is to be installed today too..I had forgotten that.  

On fireplace install. The guy 'forgot'. And like a schmuck, I found myself  saying, "oh well, that's okay" and he says the 14th, now. After chewing on it all yesterday, he and I will be having a chat this morning.

Doug might get the floors done today although he haa already texted me saying he was going to be late and that could mean not coming today at all or be here at 10....who the fuck knows.

This started February 12th....and we are at August 7th. 

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