Friday, 8 August 2014

Week of relaxation and being in a biker gang

We flew down to Vancouver last Wednesday, for a week of recovery. We had tix to see Santana and Rod Stewart..a joint concert. And see the grankids and eat and carry did.

Wednesday was Morgan's (my daughter) birthday so timing was fabulous. We picked up an order of to-go Thai food and went to their place for dinner. Two kids in a hot house....great.

Thursday we spent driving from one Home Depot location to another in search of 5 plates of tiles. We had bought five in the Prince George location, the  paln got expanded..of course it did, and we needed
five more..and it was a Closed item...a one shot thing, no re-ordering. Three stores and finally, at 7pm, found the needed. 

Vancouver has such a beautiful skyline

Friday was a day at Science World with Ellie. Word to the wise....don't take a 4 year old to Science World unless the kid is on Valium. My was like Chuckie Cheese on speed. 


Then it was off to Granville Island for ice creams...

 Monday was BC Day and we went over to Victoria to see Sharon's brother, Gary. Did the pre-requiste touristy stuff, walking around the sea wall in downtown and seeing some pretty cool for instance, this guy....

He uses a hunk of glass from an old movie projector to burn images onto wood. In this case, a guitar.


Then ..ahem...then we proceeded to one of my nightmares....we rented scooters.

 And Sharon fell off.....sprained her wrist and thumb pretty good. But...after the spill, hopped right back on and we spent two hours puttering around the beach drive.

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