Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Old men and motorcycles

Gerry, our miracle man house fixer-upper has some expensive tastes. Buys the best tools then forgets where he left them.And motorcycles. Three of them as of last week. What on earth is a 70 year old geezer doing with three Harley's is beyond me, but...he has them. This is his latest acquisition.

Evem Maya seem to think that this is a cool plan.

So....what the hell....

Took it around the block. I think I was crying like a girl the whole time. Man, that is a huge damned piece of gear.

Not all fun and games tho.....even in the rain, the house renos go forward. The awning on the RV provides shelter while we toil away.

 Melamine....that really hard shell stuff that is on lots of the ready made cabinets you buy. Cutting or trimming it has some serious pitfalls. It is so brittle that it doesn't take much to have it splintering or shattering as you work it. 

Gerry used a router and that works like a hot knife thru butter.

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