Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Done..fuck yeah...renos are done

If I ever do anything like this again, it will be because...I have not a clue. I know better than to say 'never' but.... what a terrible way to spend a 6 month block of time. At my age...stupid, stupid, 63 there are only so many good years left and to squander half of one doing this shit.....

 Fireplace is in.

 The tile guy never did call,, we did it ourselves. Sharon used the bakers bag to put in the grout and I did the hands on thing, rubbing the grout in and making sure that all the the spaces were filled.

 To this...tiled shower room, tiled bathroom floor and heated.


 All the floors are done with an Engineered hand scrubbed hardwood and all have Nu-Heat under floor heating. 

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