Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Renovation up-date

A renovation up-date.....we passed the 6 months anniversary the other day. Hard to believe that this has been going on for so long.

Firstly, let me say this...Edgar Marto of Vancouver/ are a lying fuck. If anyone ever has a reason to be asking Edgar Marto to build a house for very very careful. A lying weasel of the first order. In fact, should anyone ever have the 'pleasure' of talking to Edgar Marto about doing work for them...please do not hesitate to drop me a line and we'll talk. I have pictures. I have statements. I can even provide names.

Now then...the shower....Gerry, the old guy that is helping, has done lots of shower door installs. Not like this tho, as we discover. And so...two holes needless drilled into a tile. To say I went off the deep end would not be an understatement. After a thirty minute frenzy in the backyard, I was able to think somewhat clearly and decided the only thing to do was to pull that tile and replace it. That was a three day job...I have watched enough tiling YouTube vids now and watching the tile guy here to have some inkling. So..I got tile guy Doug on the phone and he walked me thru it. Reciprocating saw  to remove the grout. Gently hammer the tile to pieces, then ever so gently remove the mastic (mortar) from the Kerdy (water-proof membrane). Mix up a batch of the ARDX water proofing product and apply. Let it sit for 24 hrs to cure, then make up the ARDX tile gunk...cannot use regular mortar...I then put in wooden spacers and set up an expanding pole to keep pressure on the tie..keeping it in place till it dried and yesterday Doug was here to do stuff and one of them was to grout that tile.

Ahem...and the shower doors shipped without a handle. In conversation this morning with their tech support, get the handle ordered, and then I ask about the install, thinking of holes in wrong places, and am asked..why aren't you using the template? Template? There is NO template...FUK....on it's way with the handle.


The fireplace is being fitted as I type. Even that was a cluster-fuck. Sharon has E mail an order say 2 months 3 weeks, I know..I should call....and nope, not ordered. Waiting for a quote. Quote for what? That was an order we placed. This goes back and forth for another 3 weeks is here. The the install guy comes by, checks and says yup..see you on the 7th. Only, he forgot and didn't write t down, obviously. We 'chat'..and he started the install on Monday. Big job. Two new liners in the chimney and so on...but this morning he is making it look all purdy and will do the final checks and that's a done thing. And..we needed it done so we could finish the tile job in front of the fireplace. That tile was grouted yesterday too.

The utility room...both levels of tiles popped, which means unstable flooring underneath. we are now gluing more plywood onto the tile..yes, OVER the new tile...and are putting down a vinyl planking. Got one side of one level done yesterday. Will do the other side done today..glue/plywood. Has to set then float the floor and put down the planking in a day or so. The do the other level.


The floors have all been put back this the 2nd or 3rd time? And of course, there was a glitch...Doug hadn't laid down the sensor wire. But..we were able to recover..took a day to lay and patch the thin-set...and yesterday Gerry and I did all the baseboards and moldings that had been pulled to re-do the 100 sq ft of floor. All the heating wore has been tested, it's working and oh man, did that ever heat the house in a hurry.

Seven new doors hung. Two of them exterior and then five interior.

Interior of house painted.

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