Thursday, 21 August 2014

Celebration of this life

At least it sure feels like that. We have only been away once all summer and that has been hard. We are gypsy's and like to be on the road, even if it's just an over-nighter. Having to babysit workers and all of the emotional ups and down and sideways was a very unpleasant and sad experience.

Happy that it is done, let me tell you....

So...I was asked to smoke some fish for some people. I do three...keep one.I was like..sooo happy to be doing this. I hadn't done anything for the  months. Hell, I couldn't even see the bbq or smoker..we had the shed packed with boxes of household items.

Then I had a wee RV repair to effect. The Magic Chef stove has a two piece grill on top and they get all bent and warped with use. I had bought replacements but they needed some fine tuning. Got that done..only took me 3 hours when it should have been about 30 minutes....but ended up with the new ones in place and two bent old ones. I was going to bbq a fresh coho half and putting the fish skin down on the bbq grills always leaves a huge mess.....heeeeyyyyyy hey......

Demerara brown sugar, some salt and pepper and some garlic powder.

And Sharon baked some banana loafs.

And getting packed up to head out.

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