Friday, 13 June 2014

ring ring...hello..Mike Holmes? hellooooooo hello?

Where do I even begin to express the frustrations. Since Feb 1st we have been dealing with this lying schmuck. House building contractor from Vancouver that has only one thing in mind...himself...and will throw anyone, everyone under the bus to get to his end goal. will ask...what is his name? I could, but I won't. There are 'considerations'. I shall now refer to him as...Br Big.



 The first hint of something just not kosher was this....

And the comments that were made when Sharon 'suggested' that it be put at a proper height....and when she told the guy and his plumber the tiles weren't on, just the Aqua Board. So anyway....we made an executive decision last week and decided that we had had quite enough. We took over the final stages and told Mr Big that we'd pay to have stuff finished, by the guy that had been working for Mr Big anyway...and we'd pay the worker, which to date, had not happened anyway, and we would give Mr Big the receipt and he would re-reimburse us.  

So, Doug cuts out the two needed tiles..and one more that had gone kinda fucky.

See where the stud is cut pretty much thru and the the copper pipe isn't anchored to anything.

This would be the extended (18") pipe with proper anchoring


In all of the ugly, some good...Mr Big can tile and he wanted to show off. Only he couldn't finish it so had a pal do it for him.



On another of the guys we hired to help us complete...Gerry...who worked for Mr Big, for free as it turns out, because Mr Big isn't paying Gerry anything..including for the trips to Vancouver and back that Gerry made in his own 3 ton truck for loads of house building materials...has been a God-send. He is slow..had had 4 or 5 concussions so can wander a bit....but man, does he know his stuff.

And built us a nook so that the new fucking giant Samsung washer/dryer can now be used. He knocked out a section of wall into the garage, put up a new header, framed it all in and hey presto....

And we yanked out the old gas fireplace and have ordered a new one. I couldn't even give this away and it works fine. Ended up going to the dump.

ok ok...enough.....

Silly me....thinking that I would be able to slip back in....


Had this by our front door.....from

Spiderling Clusters

Spiders lay their eggs in many different areas, depending on species and environmental factors. Some spiders keep their egg sacs in their webs, others tuck them neatly under leaves. Others, such as wolf spiders, carry their egg sacs with them until the babies hatch.When spiderlings hatch, all of them in a single egg case do so essentially at once. The young spiderlings often form tight clusters after hatching, where they remain protected in numbers while they feed on their egg yolks. Spiderlings will remain in these tight-knit clusters until they're mature enough for disbursement. In the home, you may notice clusters of hatchlings in corners where webs are. Newly hatched spiders can be remarkably small and, when clustered together, look as you might expect: a small ball or cluster of tiny, wriggling spiders.

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