Monday, 3 March 2014

Scenes from a wanderers soul

Into Nevada..and it's a big place. Looks so very empty to most of us but it's home to lots.

I was going to go to the Sheldon Wildlife Refuge and soak in a hot pool but a guy that was at Field General store told me that it wasn't really a hot pool..more like a luke warm one and this time of year...would be cold. Then..he gave me a couple 3 alternatives and I chose the one that seemed the most convenient to my drive. Called Bog Hot, for heavens sake...

It's a funny place to my head, I mean. Because being out here is scary. I have no idea if it is dangerous or not. In all the times I have been in alone places, I have been bothered 3 times and all were in BC and all with stupid people. My sister...she would rather I don't do this stuff, but...that just doesn't cut it either. I think that I like to hold that idea..that I will do things like this because others don't or won't. I don't like being worried but I dislike not doing things because of that.

Then, on the way out, I stopped at old abandoned ranch.

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