Saturday, 1 March 2014

Chasing snowstorms and rainbows

I got over the border by 8am, rolled into Burlington and bought a cel phone with T-Mobile. Wanted a plan so I could call cel-to-cel...and receive calls too. I dunno...T Mobile doesn`t seem to have the calling area that the chick on the motorcycle promised. Bitch. Drove the day on I-5....what a mind bending day....but, put on the miles I wanted to.

Spent the night on the Columbia River in a nice little burg...Stevenson.... awoke to winds..must have been blowing upwards of 70-80kmh. Then it started to snow...I was tuned into the NOAA weather stuff on my VHF. Man..time to scoot. It was going to close in and snow/ice rain.....I had been planning to meet a Blog reader...Big Matt..he was going to drive over from the Portland area and have, we'll do that when I come back north in a month.

 I took this when I pulled into the spot. Good thing, too  I wouldn`t have been able to stand upright in the morning.


Driving over the Columbia River on a bridge into The Dalles, Oregon. 

Can I interest you in a Pontiac...I think I found `the`graveyard of all Dufur, Oregon.

And then I saw a picture down a wee road just past Bend



Bridges over the Crooked River

If this doesn't scream Alfred Hitchcok.....

Overing in Burns tonight and if the snow doesn`t show up...I may get to the hot pools at the Sheldon Wildlife Refuge tomorrow....or I may just be in Burns for a day or two. The weather is very...uhmm...unpredictable.

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