Thursday, 27 February 2014

A Garmin 2457 and Tecopa Hot Springs


Man...we sure had a good time, doin all of that. Too bad we couldn't just have carried on..but...Sharon has to get back to her office and Kitimat real estate. I, on the other hand, have no such hindrances...ahem...sooooo, I am headed south. Sharon flew home yesterday, while I had a few things to look after here in Vancouver. But..tomorrow morning (Friday) I am off to Death Valley and Tecopa Hot a few other stops along the way. 

 Maya and I are meeting up with some folks that I met when I was working in the Mojave National Preserve. Erick and Audrey live in Wisconsin and about the day after Christmas, Erick leaves for the west. Audrey catches up now. Also...the cream on the pals from New York City, Jenn and Jimmy are flying to Vegas, renting a car, and coming on out to the desert to meet up. They'll be bunking in the moho with Maya and I. 

Ericks truck and trailer

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 And some people that I have known for nigh on 10 years, now live in Parhump, Nevada and I will be seeing them too. And a cool jeep we will go 'splorin in.

Oh yes....I was going on about the GPS in our rental? Went off and bought a Garmin 2457. Now I have been playing with it for two days and in maybe another year, I might have it figured out. Thing that is NOT good about it is the 12volt power plug-in device is a fair sized piece of plastic and on my Ford it sticks waaaay out, almost coming into contact with the transmission shifter. hand hits it. I have called Garmin and it's all oh well, oh well.."maybe you can use a different adaptor?"..and yes, I could...but I bought it because it has 'Live Traffic' and if I use a different adaptor...the 'special ' cable ain't in thar.
I figure to be gone a month.

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