Tuesday, 4 March 2014

If I ever disappear....

If I ever just disappear of the face of the earth, start the search by asking the cops in the area I was last reported....I seem to have a blind-side....or stupid streak....that urges me to get out and take pictures of things that probably is going to make someone look at me twice.

Well....anyway,...there were no signs that said...Take No Pictures....there were some signs that said No Parking tho..but I went over the ditch and behind.....and took these pix. I was rolling again when the Army MP car came roaring up..made a U turn and followed me....and then I stopped at the McDonalds for wifi and he was parked over there.....he left before I did.....but there he was again, as I drove out of town.


These are munitions bunkers and they stretch out for-ever....

I figured..in for a penny, in for a pound..so took some out the window.

Then I just drove along....


ah yes...Ford Fairlane...car of my youth.....I smashed one up onetime....and I didn't have a license....but the cop got distracted and never did ask me for it.


 I decided to stop at Goldfield...enough for one day.....old cars, trucks, train engines, houses.....just laying about. Someone has or had a dream but looks like it is past now.

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