Friday, 28 March 2014

Last of Oregon and Oil Can Henry's bait & switch

Last day of driving up the Oregon coast. I have been fighting a lagging flu bug for the past 4/5 days. I feel great...then feel just awful. I see these great views and I have to argue with myself...go back and take the shot or not.

In Astoria....I love looking at on land maybe the best


The John Muir is for sale, actually.

Look at the shallow draft with these next two boats. I have no idea...they aren't suited for saltwater work and yet....maybe they used them over the Columbia Bar..?


Ever hear of  Bait and Switch scams? Where the consumer is sold one thing but then another, lesser product is given up. I do believe I had such a scam attempted on me. I needed an oil change...and lo and behold..Oil Can Henry's...a chain outfit in Seaside, Oregon. Of course, these shops do their best to up sell..that is just part of the work. I had my own oil tried and true NAPA Gold. However..the guys at Oil Can Henry's offered my a much MUCH better type of oil filter. A Mobile EXTREME. tell a guy that this oil filter is EXTREME...we go to that like a fly to a pile of just dropped bear scat. Plus...look at the's h-u-g-e and in the second pic you have a cut-away to really demonstrate the better cleaning properties. I mean...who wouldn't buy this? So..I do. But, while I am sitting in the truck humming and least I didn't have to wait in the 'Waiting Room'...I see that the oil filter canister about to be used is NOT the nice big green bugger. Nope. Is the smaller version. I asked what the hell that was?'s the oil filter...noooo...THAT, pointing, is the oil filter....THAT in your hand is a usual sized filter. "It's what you bought". Noooo....I bought the EXTREME...the BIG one...."oh, well, this is what we put on". I gave them my NAPA Gold, and told them to put that on.

The one on the left is the one I was shown..the one the right is one that they were going to put on. I put them side by side.

I called the corporate offices who in turn had some kid manager call me. That went no-where.

Oil Can Henry's? You suck.

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