Friday, 14 February 2014

Louisiana heartland

We get going out of Houston...finally...someone wanted to sleep. geeeez...we finally get off the Interstate about an hour later and on to smaller highways.  Much nicer.Quieter. Slower. Going thru one small place...past the Volunteer Fire Hall...a line up of older, no longer used bbq wagons.

Now THIS..this is bbq country, for sure.


Sharon spied a group of donkeys in a herd of cows, so of course, gotta take some pix of them.

 You can see the tip of it's tongue....cute cute...

Lots and lots of these types of lifting bridges. The straddle bayous..allowing boat traffic to go under

In these parts of Louisiana, many of the houses are elevated by either brick, concrete or wooden posts. Even the graveyard crypts have to be above ground.

This is in Morgan City..we overnighted here.

Ate at a small joint..Susy's. One of the places to eat in Morgan City. Very rough looking but they had crawdads, shrimps...soft shell crab. A table next to us had a huge bucket of food...we couldn't even begin to eat all that

We had some boiled much of the food is deep fried, you have to kind of work at not eating that all of the time. Also had side-salads and some corn. It was all very delish.

And today is Valentine's Day...I wonder what Sharon got me? She is still snoring away......

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