Thursday, 13 February 2014

Houston..we have landed.

And we are to Seattle with no hassles at all. Picked up my new camera bag at pal Raye's in West Seattle and out to SeaTac just ahead of the pm rush hour. Booked into our motel...and it was 'zackly what I was hoping for, to park the RV. That issue was hanging over my head...these places all advertise parking but that doesn't quite do it for a motorhome. The Sandstone  has just a huge amount of parking. Maybe two football fields in size? The motel itself was even okay...quiet enough, etc etc. But parking..oh yeah and free too. You get 7 free parking days for each day you stay for. We got 14 days in for two at each end. And free airport shuttle..and the staff were all friendly too.

oh oh...and if you should be out that know...just for a drive? haha...don't do that. But...if you are there for a stay/flight...Mango's Thai Cuisine is really top notch. We asked at the desk and the gal sent us along...and man, it was great.

I love motels with a view..even if it far off mountains and aircraft.

The six bagged hiking sticks arrived without any hiccups too...

So..Houston...first thing we do is get our Hertz Rental car and man, the lady worked hard at up-selling us to a nicer..more $$ car than we ordered. We stayed, with our assigned stall written on the paperwork, off we go...shit, wrong car. A four door Fusion. 


Back to the desk and lo and behold...that was the car we were given. Turns out they didn't have the car we had rented. So...the up-sale thing was just a fucking gimmick to get us to pay for what they had to give us anyway. Assholes.

We get in and car has a GPS..oh does this work? I have a hand-held but have never used a dash mounted real one. Once we got it figured and working...oh shit yes...we are going to get one for home. We just dialled in the address for the hotel..I know I knew that, but we had not done this...we were like...virgins...and once we got it into our heads to just let the voice guide and look at the on-screen map...boof.

We tapped in the needed preferred info..and asked for least freeway...and got to driving about some of the less economically strong this...a barber shop and tire place..all-in-one. I mean...why not?  I bet you can buy guns in there too.

Stayed a Days, by the freeway, etc..but it's just a place to sleep. directed to a joint..Allan's Swamp Shack...even had some alligator bites for appie. Tell you what...that meat was as tender as it could have even been. I had a burger..and it probably the best tasting burger I have ever eaten. No kidding. That good.

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