Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Off to Seattle

We got the stuff done that needed doing. Sharon's moms ashes spread on Monday, and yesterday...we bought more, if one can imagine...more tile. The first bunch we bought was not the right stuff for a bathroom floor, according to the guy that is taking on the job. But, he says...."I know a guy" Ed picked us up yesterday and off we went. Oh..but first we but the accessories....holy crap, those can cost a bundle!! Then to tiles and a terlet....and then a door. Gotta have a door, eh. Oh..right..and the under-tile heating pad. Going to have heated floors in there too.

Today Sharon flies home and Maya and I are off to Washington state, to visit Raye. No doubt shopping will ensue and some good eating. I think I am going to head out on Sunday afternoon, heading back towards Anacortes. I have a few things to look after there and be back in BC Monday night. hour in border lines but after that, clear sailing. I don't think I slowed down till I was turning off I-5.  Got in and set in record time. 

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