Saturday, 19 October 2013

Day in Seattle..and the EU Free Trade agreement (fucked again) Seattle and really, it has been a very quiet visit. Went walk-about the other day and these two dogs soo wanted to tear Maya up. Their focus is palpable.

Often it's to Luna Park food place for a breakfast and no exception this time around. works...

I am heading out tomorrow, going on back to Anacortes for the afternoon and part of Monday. Crossing back into BC Monday night, I hope.

I am not a fan of our Prime Minister nor of his Conservative Government.

Photo: With thanks to Kathrine Wallace

 I was listening to an interview on CBC about 2 months ago talking about the cost of the EU Free Trade agreement. And, if it is as explained...things like Farmers Markets go, as does the ability of a city, for instance Toronto or Vancouver, to seeks bids on most products. This is to protect the European producer.....and if this is correct? I cannot wait for this to become common public fodder.

Read between the lines....

Notice where it says..."will consider compensation"....that`s b.s. right there. This has a lot..a HUGE amount to do with gaining access to  the US marketplace. Canada gets sacrificed by Harper...again.

I wonder if he has trouble sleeping at night.

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