Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Nisga Museum at Laxg̱alts'ap (Greenville)

 We were off for a long weekend and made it a 3 day romp thru the Nisga Lands. One of our stops was here....

This is Our Gift

to each other, our fellow Canadians and the world.
In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, many Nisga’a treasures left the Nass Valley. During the struggle for our treaty, Nisga’a elders and leaders fought to ensure this scattered legacy would find its way back home. Now, housed in a permanent place of honour, this treasury of Nisga’a culture ranks as one of the preeminent collections of Northwest Coast aboriginal art.
Anhooya’ahl Ga’angigatgum’ (the Ancestors’ Collection) is now open. This gathering of priceless artifacts — on display together for the first time — contains over 300 Nisga’a cultural treasures. You will be moved by the power and spirit encountered here.
We Nisga’a are leaders. Our art and culture tie us to this place. We have stories of wonder, tragedy, and triumph to tell.
Here, we will share them with the world.



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