Saturday, 3 August 2013

RV's with air brakes


the grandkids....

Flying with a pet, like a dog for instance, means a person must adhere to certain criteria. Total weight, 22lbs, soft-sided case that fits under the seat ahead. AND...keep your pet in the case. Not allow it to go walk-about in midflight. Like Ms Maya did when we dozed off. Cabin attendant woke us to say..."your dog is 1/2 way down the airplane, SIRRRrrrrrr.

Are you kidding me? I guess not...a question on the RV forum I frequent, asks how the guy can check his air tanks for moisture. Look...air brakes require some training and awareness. You don't just get a huge frikken big truck or RV, that is air brake equipped and drive out on the highways.  Ya gotta have some training....
 The driver needs to know what the buzzing sound means....means you are about to have a serious fucking problem, is what it means. The driver needs to know what it means to have the brakes 'dynamite'. The driver needs to know how to check the brakes and tanks and where the compressor is and about the belts that run it. Needs to know how to monitor the air pressure gauge and what it allmeans. Driver needs to know how to brake going down a long ugly hill....or someone is in deep deep doo doo.

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