Wednesday, 7 August 2013

And nooowwww..the Rest of the Story

The end of the northern stretch of the Nisga Highway, 113, is Gingolx.

That is Hecate Straight right there....

Looking right out from the waters edge of the village.

ah yes...of course...a Revival sing song, in Gingolx..playing to two people and their dog.


We drove up to the Lava Bed park and went scouting for a night spot. 


This is our morning view

These pics are all moss covered lava beds. The lichen and moss is so soft, you could run on it in bare feet.

The second night was on the banks of the Nass itself.We were given this location by a woman we had been talking to while at the museum and man, was it a great spot.

See the rope swing under the,we did not. With the heat that we have been enjoying up north, the river is high and fast..not to mention fuckin cold.

This is like a 15 point turn....

Lunch is served.....

Look at this frikken dessert....chocolate cream cheese dropped onto strawberries and bananas.

dish boy....


  1. It really is...we'll go back there in the fall.

    The Lava beds were good too....that moss/lichen all over them was kinda other-worldly'