Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Made it to town...

Motoring down to Vancouver...took the usual 3 days..could have made better time swimming. My goodness but it was raining hard.

Sharon fly's in tomorrow..Wednesday morning and we shall begin to shop...for stuff...lots of stuff....maybe even some tiles.

Maya likes to perch...in this case, on the seat opposite me in the rv, just watching out.

Comin down thru the Fraser Canyon


I am hoping to actually get to work on my hiking sticks project. I am collecting sticks,...it is Diamond Willow...readily found in the north country..then I strip the bark off the same day. Waiting any longer just makes it a job. Then I leave it to dry..takes a month to get the dampness and bugs out of it.Yeah..bugs take up homesteading and they have to be given time to vacate. The plan is..come winter, I am going to wall off a portion of the garage, put in a heater...and sand, saw and Varathane my winter away. This isn't my first time at this. Some years ago I was doing in the basement of my condo, but now I am in a house with no real spot for the project. It is really quite dirty once the sanding starts.

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