Thursday, 13 June 2013

make nice? not me..not yet....

The shack needs a new roof and we have been trying to find a roofing outfit to do the work. Man...that is such a deal....there is a shortage of workers in the North and the few home trades people in the area are booked so far ahead. We have called four companies in the Terrace/Kitimat vicinity and finally....but not till July 8th..maybe.

To me...that reads like a drive to Vancouver is in order. Going to motor out on Saturday and make it a three or four day drive down. Sharon is going to fly down on the following Wednesday for six days. On top of the roof...we want to reno the bathroom...fuk...don't I sound domestic?, we need to find a tile pattern 'we' like. As if I have any say in this process, but let's pretend I do. We shall go to tiles stores...major box stores, wee boutique tile we have been doing for a very very long time, already.

Of course...get to see the grankids a bunch....I am going to show Ellie how that karaoke machine works. Her rotten parents still haven't shown her what that machine really can do, with her foot in it....

But, enough of this....3 weeks on the go? oh yeah, baby.....tomorrow, Friday, the RV is having the galley sinks reset. All the caulking has come away and now it's about water getting underneath. I was thinking...'oh sure you can'...nope. The water lines have pex compression the under-counter plumbing all has to come out, to allow access. If I start, no, no......


oh wow...I just saw this while doing a search...crap..look at how much chrome there is to way. I washed the RV yesterday in 30 minutes...using that stuff that has the soap and wax all in one bucket. THAT is my idea of an efficient use of my time.

Image:BigRV 6836.jpg

Full Moon Silhouettes from Mark Gee on Vimeo.

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