Thursday, 2 May 2013

BC elections

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Shooting off my mouth again, on the subject of voting. Here in BC we are in the midst of a provincial election. The Liberals have had 3 consecutive terms and it looks like they are going to go down, defeated by their own arrogance and stupidity, by the NDP. The currant leader of the libs, Christy Clark is some kinda fast mouthed woman, I'll tell you that. Last weekend, she was back-pedaling over her amusing self-righteousness over running red lights..had her son in the car as a witness too. Same day as five people died in Surrrey, as a result of a red light runner. And today, it's about fracking. One of the Liberal candidates says they should hold a proper review before allowing. Ms Clark says no way..."she won't permit a scientific review"..she will review it all of the time tho, she says, to ensure they are doing an okay job, but by jimminy, we ain't gonna allow no scientists to get their grubby mitts in there. I am presuming then, that if the Liberals are re-elected, she'll roll over and allow the Enbridge pipeline to be built too.

Now then..Mr Dix, leader of the NDP says yes, to a proper review of fracking and no, to the pipeline. So..I'd give him my vote, in a New York minute.

Except...I don't vote. I do not trust any of them. I am of the opinion, proven over and the words  " we are not going to implement the HST"  ring any bells, for you in BC? I have no faith at all, in any of the elected politicians. I do believe that for the most part, they are well intentioned. No doubt, there are a few that are deep in the pockets of big oil or big forest companies, or big mining, but I suspect that by and large, they really do want to do a good job for their constituency. They just let their egos get in the way and have no desire nor need, in their minds, to share that with voters, until the deeds are done. Then they run like the mice that they are.

My thoughts are thus...if I can't boot them out, shoot them or otherwise rid the community of their presence, I am not giving them the keys. And..don't tell me that I can't talk then, if I don`t vote...I pay voice is not silenced by my choice to not cast a vote due to my distrust of these people.

Fracking...educate yourself.....

I wish I could visit new York every year.

THE BEAT OF NEW YORK from tim hahne on Vimeo.

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