Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A little test....

A wee irritant this morning.....I need some parts for my Bradley Smoker....and I call and call and call..always getting the same recording, about when they will take the 8 CMT, which means when I called at 8 Pacific's past opening in CMT. Only...not right now, today. Appears the lines are closed for inventory taking..both in the US and Canada. All fine and dandy....but why not put that info on your recording?


A test...who is this guy?



 Answer at the end of the Blog posting.

Saw this and thought..oh my God...that's funny.....

Wouldn't this be cool, to have happen to you?

I had it up in Alaska maybe 25? years ago. I was vising some folks in Homer and were out in their boat. We had seen some Minke whales and were kinda just motoring towards them and all of a sudden, we were in a whole pod of Orca's. Killer Whales. The people had a yappy black and white dog and I suggested that it might look like a penguin to the whales and I didn't wanna end up in the water with the whales. Anyway...they put the dog in the cabin and we just sat there, mesmerized. We were underway, but low speed..maybe 10knots? and they were right up against the boat. I was sitting in the stern and one came up and rolled it's eyeball right at me. I SO wanted to reach out and touch..but was chicken. One of my life regrets...that I didn't touch that whale.

T'was Willie's Birthday yesterday, Tuesday.

They got the Ellie karoeke machien yesterday..and I phoned last night to tell them, don't open the Future Shop box till the Friday and or until the package arrives that has the cd with the kids music, in it. I was too the box and have opened it. Rats. I suspect that the parents are not going to be as thrilled as Ellie. 

Kenny Chesney on what it's like to work with Willie

US News | Entertainment News | More ABC News Videos

Bacon flavoured, if I can just figure out how to smoke it!


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