Sunday, 28 April 2013

Back to the old ways....

Looks like I am becoming one of those people that fusses over their pet more than they do over themselves. I am now making Maya's food. I need to get a life....arf arf arf.... I was looking at various websites about looking after a JR and they are clear on the values of giving the dog a good diet. And they didn't have anything good to say about any of the prepared products, so I went back to when my daughter Morgan was in her baby food days and I made all of her food. I had read up on the feeding stuff and the ingredients in the bottles of the prepared stuff..and always the first ingredient was sugar. So..I cooked up whatever was going to be in that batch, blended it all up after cooking and put it in those separate wee ice cube blocks. Then would transfer to a bag, and stored in the freezer, used as needed.

And here I am doing this all over again.

One puck/muffin a day..split in half and some dry food and dairy mixed in.

Speaking of my daughter....get back is great a feeling! Elliott-Taylors 3rd birthday is coming up this coming week and I wanted to give her something to allow her to drive her parents right round the bend.

A kids karaoke machine...

I mean...really, what could be better than a this? Ordered from Future Shop and now just have to hope it arrives on time.

A great Sunday morning...and then this.....

And not just a good singer.....can do trick stuff on a horse.

So far so good, on a Sunday....and pushing my luck, I have a wee repair or toss job to look after. I bought a Karcher pressure washer last year. Cheap, no power to speak of and it was perfect for our needs. Blow the moss off our wooden deck, clean the rv a bit and that pretty much sums it up. It is suspectible to failure tho, if the housing freezes then cracks and maybe that is what has happened. I had it in the garage but there is no way to drain it. It still works, but lots of water running out the bottom. I got to thinkin....why not just have a couple glasses of tequila that I brought back from Mexico and have at'r. Worst case scenario is I buy another one next week.


Rats...a broken water pump housing.Underneath this collar....

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