Monday, 6 May 2013

Smoked bacon.....

We decided at last minute to see if we could find a place to camp for the weekend at the Orange Bridge.I was pretty pessimistic, I give you that...and discovered only two other vehicles in...both from Germany and they were tucked out of the way anyway.

Brought some of the bacon I had sliced and smoked a couple weeks ago. By God...that is some goodness, right there.

Fried up some raisin bread in the bacon grease...yeah, I know, but once you have eaten that? you can't do it any other way when you are camping.

Breakfast outside by the rivers edge

My sister is CEO of an outfit in Edmonton and she had given me a hat and coffee mug, so I needed some shots of me looking as good as a could to send off to her.


Dinner Saturday was a couple steaks and some roasted spuds...all done off the fire.

Moved the table to right down on the river rocks...was so nice.....kissy kissy romantic.

See that look? That is the 'now I will marshmallows' look.

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