Monday, 8 April 2013

Old motorcycles and a Jack Russell

Sharon and I were cruising the mall in Salmon Arm and the local motorcycle club had a display and selling tickets. The draw for me were three very old bikes.....

This is an Eaton..a bike from the Eaton's stores. You can read a rather in depth wiki article on the store and the family..

not great pix..shot with a phone camera.


 And an India motorbike.


 And of course...a Harley Davidson

Saturday, Sharon was off to home...a two day drive...and in fact, that will be longer now. Her car began to act up again and she will have to take it to a dealer in Prince George. I imagine that there will some unpleasant communications now with Hyundai Canada.

I overnighted in Golden....found a great spot...ahem...wifi....

Coming up into Alberta on Sunday morning, up thru the Kicking Horse Pass.....and the Kicking Horse River is seen here.

Getting tinto Edmonton...holy shit...potholes are SO bad.....

And cold? went to minus 20 last night. Bloody hell......I am plugged in...the RV is..I am in the house!

A family needs a new home for their six year old Jack Russell...I am going to take a look and perhaps adopt her.

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