Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Cool cat..and cold food...

Noel..a killer cat, that just loves to be outside, prowling. Except perhaps when it is a billion below zero...
He spent his day..everyday, really, when sister is home...going in and out...in and out.

And just 'cause it's cold, doesn't mean one can't bbq. Did some steaks.

Wheezy...another...of three. Wheezy is just a loving, fireplace loving cat.


JudyLynn drove me downtown at 6:45...in time for a breakfast with a feller I have known for a very long time, Colin Winchester.

We ate at one of Edmonton's top eateries...Madison's Grill. And the food came to the table at room temp. Nothing like eggs benny that are cold to the tongue. No..I didn't.

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