Friday, 5 April 2013

Mr Fix it.....

Well now..I may not be able to fix a cd player, but looks I forestalled a repair on one of my cameras. This morning, having popped out the card to download wouldn't 'snick' back in. I figured nothing to loose..was just going to put in the mail to VanCam anyway. Gave it a couple of 'love taps'..and it's 'snicked' the card into place.I'm certain that it's either a temporary fix or else I knocked a bit of toast out of the 'snicker doo da'.


My new fave place to hang out.....they offer wifi...I spent the night in the Kelowna one, then moved on up to Vernon in the morning. Yes yes, I like to spread the goodness around.

Speaking of retailers.....

Now...this is a nice place to wake up's the riverside in Enderby.

When I drove into Salmon Arm this morning, a river of...suds.....

Sharon and I will meet up for supper tonight. Tomorrow, Saturday, she heads for home and I am off to Alberta and Edmonton. It's my sisters birthday today, actually, and we will have a delayed celebration when I get there.

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