Thursday, 27 December 2012

RansomeWare viruses...computer locked?

If, all of a sudden...you see a screen that says your computer has been blocked or frozen...that feeling of panic just might ensue. If sure as hell did for me. It takes up the whole screen and even if you hit the Ctrl/Alt/Delete keys, when the computer boots back up...that`s all you see. Pretty intimidating.And they are demanding cash..like $100.00..and will direct you to where you go to buy the tokens, with a pass code, to allow you to get back your computer. And..quite honestly, the sites you are going to get this stuff on are usually porn sites. so..that can be embarrassing. A person`s computer targeted and that person just wants to get it cleared before they have to admit to anyone that they might be looking at pix of naked people. Like..Oh My God, no one else ever does...liars....

The thing is....it's directed and effective if you are on-line. Take the Internet connection out and you have control again. Unplug or disconnect right away.

Then, you need access to another computer.....and download these two programs.  Put them onto a thumbdrive and transfer them to your infected system and run them. Run Rogue Killer first. Then run MalewareBytes.

I try to use C-Net for all my downloads. They screen stuff and it should be safe. The thing is, that a of of software will have a menu attached that permits the downloading of other stuff..like McAfee...and if you like it, carry on. I don`t...anyway, pay attention to what you are saying okay to. It`s not a huge deal...you can always delete it out of your computer controls, but it`s a hassle.