Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Guns, dead children ...and now firemen shot.


Is this a reasonable question to ask? Just what the fuck are you people in the Undited Satates waiting for? Your govermeint is not suggesting a gun law that prohibits all's looking for a way to limit the proliferation and ownership of automatic assault weapons.

This is a Bushmaster...the type/model of rifle used at the school shooting in Newton and police think also used in the to kill the two firemen in New York. He also had a .38 hand gun and a 12 gauge shotgun. Just in case.

Bushmaster Rifle

Can someone really make a case for having these in the hands of the civilian population?

 Stand up to the NRA and the fools that espouse the nonesense being repeated, for heavens sake.

 Christmas gifts people recieved this year...

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