Saturday, 29 December 2012

Smoking pork...makin bacon.

I bought these pork sides...six of them.....


Then off to Google to discover how to best approach the 'smoke pork to make bacon' project. There is no shortage of great information but, there are lots and lots of individual recipe's and methods. You have to look under a bunch of rocks etc etc....

I chose a method that involves using salt....and nothing else...over a period of five days..or ten, if needs be. This is to draw any moisture out of the meat. What I did was to use the plastic crisper in the fridge..having sought permission from the higher authorities first, of course. Had some course salt and rubbed a prodigious amount on all exposed areas. I replaced it everyday, for five days. By the fifth, there was no more moisture accumulating.

On the sixth, I washed the pork off under cold water. I made up a wet rub..maple syrup, sugar and garlic powder and course black pepper and brushed it on.

I have a Bradley Digital Smoker and have a `cold smoke`attachment. Because I live in northern BC, right now the ambient temps are at -3 to -5 during the day. I did a five hour cold smoke, then switched to a standard smoke for 3 hours, with the heat element on to a temp of 200f interior.

It`s a wee bit salty..but damned good!


  1. thanks for sharing..

  2. Welll.....I am good at sharing the pics and method. Getting some out of my clenched hands is another matter.