Thursday, 21 September 2017

Things I know about visiting New York

 Wear comfortable travel as light as you can. People don`t wait for the walk sign...but be very to see what others are doing.

Things to do in New York that you may not have considered. So..most/many/some people come to New York all prepped with maps and to-do/see lists. And yes..that is an option. just kick back and let it flow over and around you. Do you need to mind your stuff? Of course..just like anywhere. Are New Yorkers pushy and sometimes rude?'s is a huge city and people have to travel on ferry's, buses and subways to get to where they are going. Try saying hello...or smiling..or saying thank-you..or hold the door open for the next one thru, behind you. This is my third trip to The City and was by far the best. New York is a very expensive city to be in, so look before you leap...going into restaurants and such.

If you are in the City for more than a 4 or 5 days, get the week MTA pass. Good for all buses and subways.  
Washington Square.

Union Square. 

Governors one goes and it's right off Manhattan.

Astoria-Ditmars..(ride the R train to the end) community for the Greek shops and bars and food.

Ride the Staten Island ferries....a lot. It`s learn how to board so as to get a good seat. Everyone goes the Statue of Liberty side. Walk around..take a million pictures.

Get a weeks MTA pass and ride subways lines from one end to the other. Download some of the many apps for subway maps..and city maps. You can deep-six them when you leave. It is very difficult to wrap ones head round subways when you re using them system. It is hot down there..and noisy..and it is easy to get going the wrong way. One needs to the app...see where the line you are ON is going..compared to where you want to go. Remember that if you are on the street looking for the subway entrance they can be hard to spot. And you probably are going the wrong way when you get have to climb the stairs back to the surface, cross the street and go back 'in'. Asking people for assistance is iffy, at best. You either won`t understand the lingo and accents..or they won`t know anyway...and yes there are MTA kiosks down in the bowels...good luck with suggestion is..get the apps...

 Here are two..

look at them before you start out. Refer to them as you need to. Oh..and carry either a battery block or charging cord. You will be in deep ka ka if you run out of phone power. Most restaurants have power do all public buildings.

Little Italy.


Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Take a commuter ferry from Pier night. C''s 2 bucks. 

Coney Island. 

Don`t cycle Central`s freakin a danger zone with runners and crazy fast cyclists...

And no..we didn't do the arts and museum thing. Went to one place..the's by donation on Friday nights. 

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