Thursday, 21 September 2017

My birthday..New York style

Such a wonderful day I began with breakfst and carried on to an Asian lunch in the City..then some tapas at a Spanish place....and onto Greek dinner. All thru the day there was consumption of liquids....starting with Bloody Mary's with brekkie, having day drinks with us as we walked from one feeding frenzy to another and ending at 1am with a beer, while I do this.

Taking the ferry's always full of tourists but for some reason..many more this trip.


First off we re-filled our day drinking bottles...then off to find something to eat. Ramens by NYU worked....some gyoza and dumplings.

 One of the best places in New York is Washington Square. It is sided by lots of uni students....and people selling stuff....and actors all

Leaving Washington Square we went in search of tapas....

We took a small commuter ferry from Manhattan up to Ditmars....our destination for dinner was Taverna Kyclades.

These guys were eating too


And we started in.....

This is a dish of clams in the shell topped with a crab cake kind of mixture.

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