Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Taverna Kyclades...best Greek food ever.

Off on an another adventure...we went to the end of a subway line..the W..from the Whitehall Ferry station to Astoria-Ditmarz.  

First off...have to wander around to see what the homes look like. The Greek influence is so obvious, eh...

That thing is a Zooka..I think.  Have a neighbor that is growing them..but they aren't this big.

And a big freakin fig tree. I have one too... but not this size.

Okay...get ready....this place is a seafood oriented joint...platters of clams and mussels and whole fried fishes. We stopped for a lunch...and had the very best Greek salad we have ever eaten. They don't crumble up a bit of feta...nope..a fuckin slab...and chucks of tomato and slices of red onion n cucumbers and banana peppers. If you ever come to New York..and you love Greek dining? Taverna Kyclades you have to visit.


These guys were eating up a storm...clams and fish...and retsina but the bucket

It's my 67th birthday tomorrow...September 20th....and I do believe we are going to trek out to have my dinner right here. Maybe I'll even get a cake and a song. Who knows.

Here is a bit of New York truth.....

The views from the Staten Island ferry just never quit, do they.

A couple of Navy supply ships.

You know those clips in movies and tv, showing the New York garbage piles? 

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