Monday, 18 September 2017

Living the Life in New York

We rented a car on Saturday and headed onto Long Island. Tell you what tho..renting a car in New York is a far cry from renting a car anywhere else. They were mostly concerned with...nothing. They didn't ask for proof of insurance....they asked about it and when I said.."oh, I have the docs here in my phone'...naaww, that's fine. We needed Jenn to be our driver and for that they needed a charge card for her as well as mine...she says nope..I just have my ATM card..."okay, that'll be fine". Now...we were the only non-Afro-Americans in the there, so maybe they just wanted us gone, but it was great! Car was shit...filthy headlines..either blood or coffee all over it..and trunk didn't lock, as we discovered later. No harm, no foul. to Fire Island we went. It's an hours drive to the ferry and after getting parked..we had 45 minutes to wait so into Nick's Clam bar...

Onto the ferry....

Cattle on the move

Cottages....the cheap ones start at one million. My real estate agent was right in there...

Right out of the reality shows...Beach Front Bargains

Then we went to Coney Island, back in New York.

Gelato is to be had

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