Sunday, 2 October 2016

Photo shoot..and bet you can't not laugh

Go ahead...see if you can watch this without laughing...

Looks like the AirBnB season has come to an end, so I think an adventure is needed. I was going to go north a bit but by the time I can actually get going, it'll be mid of October and perhaps a week later than that. I figure maybe a wander down to Seattle and onto the coast of Washington at Aberdeen and then south a bit into Oregon until I turn around. South Bend in Wa has a great bar that juts out over the river and they have platters of fresh oysters....I usually seem to arrive about 11am and then have to I have two beers and a dozen..or stay the day and crash into the RV when ready. hhmmmmmm.....

Had a wonderful  meet-up with Lynne Bright from the Slabs. She was the head honcho of the Oasis Cafe back when I was there and she showed me the ropes and I cooked a bit in the Cafe..and just fit right in. Anyway..she was in the area to visit one of her sons and hold the grandchild..Alexander. We were invited to the family home for a huge big farm dinner...oh God that was good!

And animals at the farm

Down in Oroville a week ago and dinner at Rancho of the side dishes..Corditio...pickled cabbage salad. Cabbage, jalapeno's, onion, carrot sugar, salt Apple Cider vinigar..and it is so good, I had to make some. I fire roasted the peppers on the bbq...and then cut and blended and put it all together and let it set for the prescribed 24 hours before trying. Oh dear Lord that is good....of course, I don't have that filter that is listed as 'moderation'...I just had to use 3 peppers and lots of pepper..and cilantro. So..some of you won't care for it.

I made enough for about a weeks worth....a bowl a day.  A big bowl.


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