Monday, 12 September 2016

Penticton Dragon Boating Festival and RV costs

That was going on this past weekend. Eighty-seven boats...with 20 paddlers in a boat? or a few more..that`s a bunch of muscle. Geeez....We had a couple staying with us...bother were competitors but on different teams. It was a good time, no doubt about it. Loads of people down on Skaha watching the goings on. Last of the summer events.

This has been a killer year for RV costs....and it's not over. I just replaced the three house batteries and have toasted them. FUK. Came out of the house last week and could smell that rotten egg odour...damndamndamn...I did some investigating and some over the phone consulting with a guy that is pretty knowledgeable about this stuff and we came to the conclusion that the on-board converter had gone belly up. I ordered up a new from his recommended shop and it is on it's way..only..ahem...wrong diagnosis. It was the controller for the solar array. So...sometime in the next couple 3 weeks I will have a shop install a new converter...just because I felt I might as well. It is a '99 so it's not getting any younger....and a new solar controller.


 And, I'll see if the batteries will work at all. If no no...they will work for a bit....Oh..and I have a leaking seal on the rear main. That too will get done..and if I can, I am going to take off for a week or 10 days of just hangin out north of here by Wells Gray Park.

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