Sunday, 4 September 2016

An AirBnB Innkeeper, I am

Fall is almost here...and how the hell did that happen? But..September 22nd....and handily enough my birthday falls just two days before. 

Great news for us this weekend. The Kitimat house has sold firm. Yesssssss.......The issue of what to do, what to do had become such a hassle. The real estate market in northern BC has collapsed...again...we were trying to come to grips with the 'right decision'. When I was last up a month ago, I talked to the agent we had been dealing with and decided one more try. Sharon will fly up next weekend to give the place one last look, see some friends and hopefully the grandkids.

We are doing this short term vacation rental  thing and my goodness we have had good success so far. Been on-line for 3? weeks and have had eight sets of guests. I am going to  expand my services a bit...will offer some sort of food in the morning..bagels. cream cheese and fruit, I think...for guests who are booked for more than one night. 

Now I am looking to the fall wine festival and running a Facebook page. Take a look...see what you think? 

There is this too....

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