Monday, 11 July 2016

Post Dixie Chicks

My hearing has now returned....and I liked the main warm-up guy an awful lot. More than the Chicks, although I am in the minority. Sharon loved The Chicks and I am now in her good books for at least this week.

My Chicks bitch is that when they went into one of their political songs..which we all cranked to, at the end they fired off, white and blue. Seems to me, if you are in another country, maybe they should at least acknowledge that with the right coloured chafe. But that's just me.

Stopped in Princeton for some fruit for the boys.


On our way to Vancouver, Sharon was asked to look at a property for sale. The view of the Similkameen River....damn that is nice.

Saw Al and Art...bedded down for four nights.


One of the things for the B&B room I wanted to install was a coffee service. We bought a Keurig 600 at Costco..came loaded with pods and the yucky plastic carafe. One fo the reasons for buying this particular model is that it also provides hot water, for a tea drinker, say.

What a boring cup of coffee. We tried it...made it sure it all worked and now it is upstairs. blecchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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