Monday, 11 July 2016

A very brave woman is Ieshia Evans..the woman arrested in Baton Rouge

Most of the world has seen this picture by now. Suggested by some that it will become the iconic Black Lives Matter photograph. Ieshia Evans..a mom and a nurse. sad that she needed to be able to tell her 5 year old son that she had tried.

And...what about you? Have you tried? to do anything at all? 

Or are you in the 'camp' that believes that 'they' deserve it? Or just don't care. Period. I mean...really? You don't think that the US has a problem with race? And now that Open Carry is so common and black people are being shot, because they are a danger? 

Now, in the spirit of openness...Canada has a terrible history of racial in-justices. We just don't openly kill people over them. Note I said openly because there can be no doubt, the Canadian gov't of the day, ensured the deaths of people. 

I am of the opinion today..always subject to change of course, that I won't be entering the United States to do the RV tourist thing for a long time. You actions frighten me. And sadden me. You are sooo fucked up and seem to have no comprehension of that. You even have an Ex Senator tweeting threats to your President. And say nothing. Which means you accept it. I am just guessing here...but if a white President was receiving those types of threats from a person of colour, the long arm of the law would be around their necks quicker than quick. 

Here's a truth....we are all biased. Me too. There are some groups of people that I just..react to. Then, I have to emotionally take a step back...and re-think my response. It's because I don't understand or have never spent time...they are 'different'. Then, I have to I hate or dislike simply because they are 'different'?  If that is the case...I dislike most of you, too. 

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