Saturday, 22 August 2015

Packing for Haida Gwaii and Washington burns

                   Lake Chelan fire in Wasington State


Getting ready to head to Haida Gwaii for 2 weeks on Monday. My bud Wayne..his son Devon was murdred 4 years ago in Surrey and they are bringings his ashes home to the Territory of the Haida. We have been invited to be a apart of the we go. Taking the RV so we can just sort of be around but not in the way. Stupid amount of money to take the truck over tho...$700. But, doing the figuring, cheaper than a B&B or hotel and eating out.

Naww.....I mean...really?  How can an 8 year old have that voice?

A pal posted this too his Facebook and it so resonates with me. When we find ourselves caught up in something that we really do not want to be a part of but continue to slide along, thnking that we'll look bad if we stop. Or people will condemn us. That is our ego, talking...right? WE don't want to look bad....we fear that others will say bad things about us, so we sacrifice our own happiness to please meet anothers agenda. And then we get pissy about it. And blame others....when in is up to you, to choose what you are going to do.

A wonderful book on the topic. 


And I read it and loved it and it shaped parts of my life. This mornring I was writitng this and I wondered...what ever happend to her...Elizabeth Gilbert. TED TALKS....and I am kinda looking at her and am sort of disappointed. I mean..was it just a book?, if it was...I was obvioulsy seaking answers and found some of them in this book.

And nope..did more research and it all really happened. whew...if you do a search on her name, lots of info. 

These are pix of the three fire-fighters being honoured by their peers as they were driven out. I fought fires for a season and had two close calls and my gut and heart aches for these guys and their families.


Planes dropping retardent on the Chelan fire in Washington state earlier this week. Powerful shot.

For the first time ever, Volunteer firefighters are being sought to help man the lines. And with that goes training to save yourselves should you get caught in a firestorm.

A Volunteer setting backfires. 


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