Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Farewell Devon Bell...God speed son.

Although we have travelled to Haida Gwaii for several reason, the bottom line one, is to be with my friend Wayne and his wife Cynthia and their living son Brandon, as they bring the ashes of their murdered son Devon home. Home to the land of of the Haida. Always the funniest thing how it works out. We got off the ferry at about 7am, walked Maya then went for a good solid carb breakfast in Queen Charlotte City and rolled off towards Massett. It`s an hour.5 drive and we only made it as about half-way before that nap thing took over. This is all a preamble to to the later happenings...happenings we were not to have been a part of. Because we were coming from the mainland we had access to a food store that made a shopping for 200+ people a necessity. So..50lbs of potatoes, 20lbs of carrots, 10 celery bunches, box of apples and a box of oranges, 200 sturdy plates, 8 turnips..we were loaded...good thing for the RV body!!  And we arrived at the home of one of the sisters, thinking hey..we will just get rid of this stuff and hang out, ya know...

We had no idea, but...this was the day that Devon`s ashes were to be interned. Buried. By family. But here were we...Haida being Haida...we were invited to be part of the afternoon. Now..we had met most or many of the family prior to all of this so it`s not like we were total strangers, but still, this was a very private thing.

Anyway..we were invited and accepted and.....as they say, they rest is history.

And the rain stopped, sun was setting...and a sunset over Devon`s mom...

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