Monday, 17 August 2015

Bear and Salmon Glaciers and more....

The Bear and Salmon glaciers....two of the must-see's for people doing the Alaska trip. (It's an oddity of borders, but both are in Canada but to get to Salmon, one drives into Alaska, thru Hyder and following the road, back into BC.) First one is Bear and the obvious melt is so striking. Second is Salmon and is really beautiful to see. 

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A view from the Salmon glacier, looking south west, back towards Hyder and the Portland Canal.

People having a picnic at a look-out, over viewing the Salmon glacier. There was a nice breeze wafting thru...and a damned good thing too or the bugs would have had them.

One of other must-do's...the Seafood Bus in Hyder. 

Sauteed oyster's..they were good but man, a strong flavour. of the two guys I went up with. He and I meshed well.

Funny, how things work out. I didn't know either of them and by the end of the two days...I was not getting along at all well with the second feller.

On our drive up and just before the Bear glacier a moma bear and her cub. Man...did I ever screw up my shots. I am trying to get used to the new camera and I had the shutter speed set way low. Damndamndamndamn

For our drive home on Sunday afternoon we went back via the Cranberry Junction, to bring us out to the Nisga Lava Beds.

What on earth does this mean? It is a sign on all for corners of the wooden bridge..maybe it's because the deck can be icy? But if so...what not a normal sign?

 thank you Google...

A lake in the middle of the lava field 

So...reaching Terrace and stop in at Sherwood Mountain Brewery....

 The boys liked her...


A really nice late lunch, Thai Curry with deep fried halibut, at Mumfords Bar and Grill...and home.

The next blog entry there wiill be bears...

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