Sunday, 7 June 2015

Cake and kids....

I love this tune..... l-o-v-e  it......

The flight down to Vancouver was good...and I got the red carpet treatment at YVR because of my leg/ankle whining. One of those battery old people carriers....right to baggage. Cool enough!! Spent the next couple of days just taking care of some things...some for us, some for Al and Art. Sharon is..was shopping for a new phone. The Blackberry Leaf. Finally located a shop that had one. We get that are driving to a shop for something and she looks kinda odd at me and asks..."isn't the concert tonight?" hahahaha..we had forgotten all about one THE reason-excuses for the trip...Jessie Cook concert. We didn't miss it or anything...but another 3 or 4 hours of lolly gaggin around and we would have.

The concert was really enjoyable but everyone came to hear this one song..they saved it for last, natch...and you could have heard a tear fall in the QE theater. Damn it was so..heartfelt.

After the concert we did a Vancouver must-do....late night drive around Stanley Park.

Grandaughter Ellie has an admirer.

time with the kids...

Going to head off to the north Okanagan this morning. May overnight in Kamloops..have to see where we are when we want to stop.

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