Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Getting there.....

Well, wasn't that a lesson....don't be usin no ladder, Gary. 14 weeks of enforced do-nuthin time. As of today, Thursday, 14th May, now given the green light to begin 'weight bearing' on the left leg and ankle. geeeezus.....and man it is hard to learn to walk `normally`again. I began this para on Thursday and am about to publish it Tuesday. I had a great weekend of crutching around with the dog and then this morning got a lesson in exercises. Oh God, this is gonna hurt. Having to flex the ankle...and it likes being in one position. It doesn`t want to flex...If you watch any Anthony Bourdain stuff, then hear his voice as I whine about the flexing part...oh yes, it does hurt. A lot.

And yes..it is still hurting Wednesday morning. Man but that is hard to do. Imagine those movies where the injured guy..it's always a guy, is having physio therapy and he is in agaony, being pushed thru the series of motions and that all of sudden he can walk and run again? That is me this morning....except for the walking and running part....fffffuukkkkkkkk........

But...making good progress and a wonderful thing too. Because in less than three weeks we are off and heading to the big city lights.   I won't be able to run around with the grandkids, but on the bright side..I can't babysit, either. 

 ta fucking daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Things are changing and I am not sure for the better, but certainly for the  'normal'

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It wasn't that long ago when Amazon was THE retailer that was setting the new standard for consumer happiness. There has been a change and I can only presume that the shift to the expected big retailer nonsense is not going to let up. Too bad....the prices continue to be great and the service can be, if you can persevere in the contact listings, but there is a distinctly recognizable pattern. Get as much from the consumer as you can. Fleece them at most every opportunity.

Cases in point....and these are mine, not just gossip. 

I joined the Amazon Book Club...$10 a month and get access to thousands of books. Now, I am sure that the small print was there to be seen, but I didn't note it. There is 'the book list' and then there is the Book Club book list..and those titles aren't ones that anyone has ever heard of. Because I didn't see the small print, I rang up quite the bill before I realized the the books I wanted were not on the AMAZON BOOK CLUB list. I canceled my membership forthwith. Sneaky bastards.

We needed a new bedroom alarm/cd player. I found and ordered one. Two month later..still 'delayed'. wtf? Ultimately, after three chat window conversations, I was 'invited' to cancel my original order and re-purchase...but a used one. 

So..Amazon....if anyone reads this....you are in the process of becoming like all the other retailers in our world. Hopefully, someone else will come along and occupy the #1 spot you were so intent on occupying. 

Are you an RV`r? One of the on-going issues in the RV world is that of propane and it's inherent dangers. Leaks cause serious damage. This was in Kelowna BC, today actually...May 19th, 2015. 


Do be careful.



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