Saturday, 11 April 2015

Author Ivan Doig...RIP, Sir.

Ivan Doig has died.  *sigh* He was an old guy so the end was coming, but still....*sigh*....I love reading his books. 'Bartenders Tale' is a good-un. My first Doig book was 'Dancing at the Rascal Fair'. I have 3 or 4 on my Kindle to be read.

Ivan Doig, an award-winning author whose books set in his native Montana made him one of the most respected writers of the American West, has died. He was 75.
Geoff Kloske, the publisher of Riverhead Books, said in a statement that Doig died Thursday of multiple myeloma at his Seattle home.
“Ivan was one of the greats,” Kloske said. “We have lost a friend, a beloved author, a national treasure.”
Doig was born in 1939 in White Sulphur Springs, Mont. The former ranchhand earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism from Northwestern University and a Ph.D. in history from the University of Washington.
He wrote 16 books, including the so-called Mc-Caskill trilogy, three novels about a fictional Montana family covering the first 100 years of state history. His 1979 memoir, “This House of Sky,” was a finalist for the National Book Award.
In 2007, Doig won the Wallace Stegner Award,which recognizes someone who has “made a sustained contribution to the cultural identity of the West.” He was also the recipient of the Western Literature Association’s lifetime Distinguished Achievement award.
His publisher said that two of Doig’s later works, “The Bartender’s Tale,” released in 2012, and the yetto- be published “Last Bus to Wisdom,” were inspired by experiences from Doig’s youth. But the author also made it clear that his novels were fiction.
His writing gained him many admirers. Australian author Thomas Keneally said Doig was “one of the great American voices, full of grace, abounding in humanity, easeful in narration, hypnotic in pace, grand in range.”
Doig is survived by his wife, Carol.


 Long Island Medium....Theresa Caputo, is going to be in Vancouver on June 8th and it so happens we are there at the same time, so...I am trying to get a ticket for Sharon.   They are 'sold out' never knows...maybe one will pop up.

Sharon loves watching her...and yes, I too believe in the ability of some to communicate with the dead. Anyway...we'll see.

 We are flying down the 3rd for a Jessie Cook concert...he is the guitar player.

ah yes..the leg/ankle continue to heal, I hope. I do nothing to jeopardize the process. I have graduated to a stool in the kitchen so I can now 'help' with the odd bit. I did a turkey last week..stuffed and roasted. I feed the cats and dog....and I sit at the kitchen table drinking coffee and stay out of the way. I start some sort of physio next I cycle without putting any pressure on my foot mystifies me, but I am sure there's a way.

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