Saturday, 4 April 2015

Being grateful and at peace

I know, I know...but since February 9th I have done nothing but sit on my ass with my casted leg up in the air. As of Thursday, the 2nd of April, I now have the cast off and I am nekkid. I am still not to put any weight on my foot...not a bit. So...I do nothing even more. For at least another 4 weeks and then a very gradual return to normal. I can start doing some physio now..which means a stationary bike to get some use of the ankle and leg back, but again, no weight. The problem is that the tibia cracked and broke off right at the ankle and even tho there are now two screws holding it all in place..and it all looks really good in the x-rays last week, the bone has not yet healed and strengthened. It hasn't grown the the callus. I have been doing some reading and researching on the healing processes and one of the most important aspects is psychological. A person needs to be in a good head space to advance the healing. Being mad or otherwise pissy will just delay it. Those that know me or have read my Blog for a period of time, know that I practise Mediation and Therapeutic Touch. Both of these have helped me enormously thru my life hiccups and the same is true of this leg break fuck-up. I have shown Sharon, how to do TT and she does my legs and knees every night, just at bedtime. I do a Meditation most every afternoon. I am also of the belief that 'things are exactly as they are meant to be'. Period. And, as I say..that is easy to believe when one is holding the winning Lotto ticket. It is not easy to believe when life is going to shit. Still, I cling to this. It has given me huge strength to be with Suzanne when she was dying. To accept that all the things that have happened to me, to date...brought me to where I am, now. And this broken leg has re-enforced that, for me. There have been a series of issues that had I or we, been away, the outcomes would have been decidedly different..and that was not to have been.

 I have a friend..we, have a friend, Kim Fowler, that just before moving from Kitimat to Penticton, BC, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Had we gone to Mexico..we would have missed seeing her...saying goodbye to her and her boys and being there as she began to process the news. She has a personal Facebook page and she posted this to be read. If you have a desire to know more about her or colorectal cancer you can search her out on FB or ask me and I'll send you her link. 


..."MY CANCER STORY (the beginning): #1 because I said I would tell it. #2 I'm specifying because it's only one of my many stories #3 many people have pm'ed me with questions and concern about their own health #4 I'd give almost anything to be able to help even one person! You've been forewarned - so continue reading at your own risk... I waited too long to take my health seriously. I've been "lucky" to have been blessed with a fast metabolism my whole life and so it's easy to look fairly healthy even though inside I've been killing my body. Some people hate bitches like me! Sorry. I haven't exercised since my back surgery 6 years ago and took everything else for granted. I've had a couple of ridiculous misdiagnosis of some very serious illnesses that left me with little faith or trust in GPs. So I've just putted along... A year and a half ago I first noticed spots of blood in my POO (hehehee)! It would go away and come back once in while. I thought it was probably hemorrhoids...I've had 3 babies for crying out loud!! At the time I was just finished my real estate course and was getting ready to write the board exam. I didn't have time to make a Dr's appointment. "Ain't nobody got time for dat!!" Throughout the year it would come and go, and I was blissfully in denial that it was something serious. Even when I googled, I really didn't have the symptoms of something more serious! So on the "off chance" I had "hemorrhoids" and would need a butt removal, I decided to take the boys to Mexico in November! Who wants to go to Mexico with no butt!!?? Duh! When I got back, the very sweet Guy Sparkes said "you're getting your butt to the doctors office", so I made a deal that I would go first thing in the new year! I did. January 5, 2015. My GP said "aahh, it's just a wee little trouble!" He referred me to the surgeon for a colonoscopy. If you've ever had one, they're a riot!! So much fun! Anyway, my butt was all ready to go on March 5, 2015...seeing Dr Lumbard again was the best part!!!:) lol. jk(no I''m not)! When I woke up from my drug induced state, my favorite Dr says "So Kim, we found cancer". Just like that. I was like "what about the hemorrhoid"!? "You don't have a hemorrhoid" he said...I guess that was the good news! The point is....I may have had this cancer for the last year and a half!! Maybe!? That's crazy! All because I didn't want to talk to my GP about a hemorrhoid! I mean, even the word is gross! Hemorrhoid is only a few letters away from Herpes!! Nobody wants to talk about that shit either! Nobody wants to work with assholes...well thank God colorectal oncologists do! But they're weird! I wish I had talked about my asshole a long time ago! What's the BIG deal! I have nostrils too....and sometimes snot comes out!!! sooooo gross! pfffffft! Let's get over it people. If you google cancer, hundreds and hundreds of images of pink ribbons come up! Only 2 blue ones do! Cause everyone is too shy and self conscious to talk about their asses! ASS, ANUS, POO, COLON, SHIT! Cancer in the butt is a shitty deal folks....I am happy to help anyone I can! My first appointment at the Cancer Clinic in Kelowna is tomorrow. I'm nervous, but really just ready to get this show on the road! I was so tired of sitting around on my cancer butt, that I actually started work today!!" </b>

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