Monday, 10 November 2014

Pumpkins, school bus and rv'ing....yeah baby....

 I'd live by this creed in a heartbeat.....if only I fished


 Lots of places have their of Kitimat's is the rockface where the pumpkins go to die....  


Three years ago I was driving the school bus for the Catholic School. I have returned. I dunno for how long tho...this is for sure crimping my life plans..which have me just leaving whenever I want.




 I called this Rough Love  for my You Tube stuff.


Finally..the rains stopped if only for a week or so. We bailed out of town Friday night, ultimately going to Prince Rupert. Firstly tho we went to Terrace and turned east, away from Rupert, about 30k's to a great overnight spot. 


 and then we have our night spot in Prince Rupert

I keep passing this shoe tree just outside of Rupert and this time was no exception, except I turned around, parked on what passes for the shoulder and took the pic.

I moved the truck around a bit so that Sharon could have this view while having her morning coffee in bed. And bacon with fried cinnamon rolls.....I know I know....


Pictures of Prince Rupert seaplane basin where we were for the night.

This used to be where Canso bombers would land for refueling and rearming during the Second World War.

A coupe of pix I shot on our way back east on the Skeena, heading for home

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