Monday, 17 November 2014

Is there a special place in hell for really really stupid people?

A Victoria BC police officer goes right to the head of the class.....

 Debbi Ferguson, a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces was pulled over and issued a ticket by Victoria police while escorting the body of Private Steven Allen (pictured) to his funeral.

The ticket waiting for a driver in a funeral procession for a Canadian soldier could not wait.
Private Steven Allen died in a military training exercise in Alberta in early November, but that didn’t make a difference as a Victoria, B.C., cop wrote Debbi Ferguson a ticket for obstructing her license plate, according to a CBC News report.

Her role as a 20-year veteran was to tail the motorcade carrying the 20-year-old’s remains from a local airport to his funeral on Saturday.The soldier’s death on Nov. 3 was blamed on the collapse of a “tactical structure," CTV News reported.

In the corner of Ferguson’s eye, she saw the cop’s lights. She expected him to join their procession, but he pulled her over instead. “When he approached my car, I clearly stated that we’re in the middle of escorting this soldier’s remains to the funeral home,” Ferguson told CBC News. “He did not realize that it was a funeral process ... he didn’t care.” Despite her vehicle’s flashing warning lights and even a flag at half-mast on her car, the officer wrote Ferguson a $230 citation. Victoria Police have released a statement to CBC News apologizing for the incident, but it’s not enough, Ferguson said. "We recognize that this report of a ticket being issued to fellow community members volunteering their time to see a compatriot home is regrettable,” the statement read.

It’s not clear if Ferguson is stuck with the pricey citation. She made sure to tell the officer that “this is the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen anyone do,” Ferguson added. The worst part was seeing a “fellow-in-arms showing no respect.”

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